Who We Are

Scarab Ideas is a platform for those who dare to think outside of the box and wish to go beyond the limitation society has determined for them. Here, we offer opportunities for budding entrepreneurs who are ready to take the plunge.

Scarab Ideas is a part of the Sah & Sanghi Group which was founded with an automobile dealership in 1958. It continues to be a renowned Maruti Suzuki dealership and workshop in South Mumbai. The group has diversified into several businesses including Air Conditioning Solutions, Tyre Retreading and flooring solutions for Industries, Ships and Sports.

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Who we are

Our Vision

Scarab Ideas offers mentoring and handholding to budding entrepreneurs to give shape to their ideas and realise their dreams! Whether you are already an entrepreneur looking for guidance, a professional who is looking to take the plunge into the entrepreneurial journey, a young innovative and ambitious mind waiting to tap your potential, a home-maker looking to finally give shape to your wonderful ideas or a new mother looking to restart your career, this is the place for you.

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Our vision

Our Offerings

Our offerings

Mentoring & handholding

Scarab Ideas has built Mentoring & handholding progams to help and support budding entrepreneurial minds. We have devised these programs to encourage your ideas while keeping your individuality intact.

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Training workshops

At Scarab Ideas we provide you with Training workshops so that the emerging Entrepreneur in you will be well acquainted and can adapt to any ecosystem.

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Entrepreneurship awareness programs

Scarab’s Entrepreneurship awareness program is a course designed for anyone with a passion & potential to think divergently and work diligently.

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